I’m Tim Hicks, retired from 20 years of being a communicator for the government of British Columbia, Canada. In the middle of that, I was self-employed for ten years. I’m not trying to sell you anything.

Even as a retiree, I am a content strategist. That’s a person who helps you work out what to say to each of your target audiences, how to say it clearly and effectively, and even when and where to say it. A strategist will even ask you why you want to say it, to make sure you are in line with your business goals. And make sure your words are right for the Web.

I still do that, in my volunteer work as webmaster for the Century House Association.

I also share my experiences in very detailed travel planning at tripgeek.ca

On  this site, you can read some ideas about Web site content, business writing, and plain language. You can explore grammar and usage advice.

And, because words aren’t just for work, there’s plenty of fun with words.