Hello. I’m Tim Hicks, an accredited business communicator with a background in the computer industry as a programmer, analyst and marketer. And I’m retired except for volunteer work.

Speaking and presenting
I’ve taught advanced presentation skills seminars, and I’m always willing to discuss the concepts. I can do Powerpoints that actually communicate (yes, it is possible!). As a member of Toastmasters International, I won a district award for evaluation, and led a Speechcraft session for beginners.

Immersed in the Internet
I’ve been using the Web since before the first browsers existed, and using e-mail since before the PC was invented.

  • I’ve studied Web best practices since the Web started.
  • I’ve written a manual on how to use e-mail effectively
  • I’ve given presentations and seminars across North America on writing for the Web and related topics.
  • I am comfortable with Facebook and Twitter and WordPress. I was fluent in lolspeak before most people knew what it was (some say this is not an achievement.)

I’ve written articles for a marketing company and for employee magazines, and all the text associated with promoting and running conferences. I’ve helped provincial government clients simplify and clarify important presentations and service descriptions, announcements and web content.

Usage advice, wordplay and fun with words
I have always been a word nut. I’m a semi-expert in usage and grammar, and a wizard-level speller. And I can’t resist puns, riddles, crosswords or any other form of wordplay.

Also having a life
I’ve been active with professional and community affiliations. I’ve been a volunteer with the Alzheimer Society and president of the 2,000-member North Fraser chapter of CARP (a seniors’ advocacy group).I’m now webmaster for the Century House Association seniors’ group and chair of the Association’s Seniors Embracing Technology group. 

I still play slowpitch. I read science fiction and fantasy, perhaps to excess. We like to travel, and I am a maniacal planner, with advanced use of Google Maps as just one of my tools. I take a lot of photos, some of them high quality, and use Lightroom and Photoshop to make sure my photos look good.

I am inspired by my family, my motorcycle and life in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. But I miss my cats.

February 21, 2024 @ 10:18 am

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