I specialize in plain English, and simplifying difficult text.

Better writing is the most affordable usability improvement you can bring to your product or service. – Jeffrey Zeldman, “The Daily Report”

For the Government of British Columbia, I wrote a guide to using e-mail effectively, plus a wide range of marketing, client communications and employee communications materials for delivery on the Web, by-e-mail and in print.

For private sector organizations from huge corporations to one-person companies, I’ve written marketing and employee communications materials. Clients have included:

  • Reboot Communications – Writing, agenda management and content planning for major conferences including: Whistler, Victoria, Calgary, Florida, Kelowna and Ottawa.
  • Upbound Resources, Singapore – Analysis of Mystery Shopper research for a major Asian bank; content for a brochure, Web pages and a promotional e-mail for the 5th ASEAN Energy Business Forum; content for various Asia-based international Web sites
  • Canadian National Railways: Articles for website and magazines, including interviews and writing for an Employee Annual Review, which was reprinted for all CN shareholders.
  • Ontario Hydro Services: Articles for employee magazine in support of a change initiative
  • Canadian Year2000 National Clearinghouse for Health (CYNCH) – Editing and rewriting of on-line communications for various audiences
  • Success Stories, Inc., Massachusetts – Marketing articles about computer products and services

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